PrognosDx is a biotechnology company committed to eliminating the trial and error approach to cancer treatment through analysis of global histone modifications, powerful master switches of the genome and gatekeepers to aggressive tumor metabolism that reveal critical information about risk of recurrence of disease or potential to respond to specific types of treatment.  This revolutionary epigenetic technology in the short-term can help physicians personalize patient treatments by identifying molecular signatures specific to each patient’s tumor cells and in the long run revolutionizes drug development by targeting aggressive cancer cells.

Based on four published international clinical studies, the company is currently aimed at clinical development of its PrognoScore laboratory test to help prostate cancer patients and their treating physicians select appropriate personalized treatments leading to improved patient outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs. PrognosDx’s scientific founders at UCLA have shown specific histone biomarkers to be predictors of clinical outcome in prostate cancer patients independently from routinely examined clinicopathological variables. PrognoScore can complement and address the shortcomings of routine tests such as pre-operative PSA or inconclusive Gleason scores leading to accurate identification of patients with non-life threatening forms of prostate cancer that may benefit from less aggressive treatment and be candidates for active surveillance, avoiding unnecessary radiation or surgery.  The company has commenced clinical validation studies at a major medical center and is in advanced discussions with three additional large centers. 
Supported by world-class advisors and more than 20 published international studies, prognostic, drug response predictive and companion diagnostic solutions for improved treatment of multiple other major cancers are expected later in the company pipeline.